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Monday Rant

“The people who are bitching about the heat are the same people who bitched about the cold. It’s not the weather that bothers you, but the fact that you aren’t comfortable with the uncomfortable. My advice is to strap on a pair. Drink some water, pinch yourself to make sure you are alive, and be thankful that you are.”

I like the way Ross Enamait says without any frills. I wish I have the vocabulary, guts, and the gusto that Ross has. To summarize the above quote by Ross, it is, “Now or never.” Yes, it sounds frivolous when people say to me that they are going to exercise from the coming Monday or the 1st of this month. I believe for many of them the coming Monday or the coming month is never going to come.

It needs an hour of continued consistent commitment from you. Be it an hour of gym, yoga, running, swimming, cycling, or any other physical exercise. This reminds me of a quotation by Dalai Lama in this context that I had cited in an earlier blog entry. This write up beckons that quote. He was asked what surprised him the most. He says, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health to make more money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.” Indeed true.

Instead, you can continue to take control of your health and wellbeing and stop frequenting the doctor when you age. Well, if you don’t believe me please read my previous blog entry titled, Save your Health save Your Planet. If that man, 93 years old, in the video can lead a vibrant life of health and vigor, why can’t you?

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