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Motivation At Its Best

This is an exceptional video—motivation at its best. You should also listen to the speech. I love it when Gary Racer concludes by saying, “So come on, get out on top. Run Faster. Dream bigger. Live better than you have ever before. This is in you. You can do this. Do it for yourself. Prove it to yourself.”

I believe I am bringing this video to you at an appropriate time. Many of us in the gym are gearing up to run the 10 kilometer marathon running race. We have been practicing running from three weeks, and I believe this video will energize you to perform better at the race. This reminds me of a famous quote I read when I joined a gym. I don’t know who coined this phrase. It says, “No pain no gain.”

Competing and completing a 10 kilometer marathon race is indeed painful. However, it is true that if there is no pain there is no gain.

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