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Motivation By The Most Powerful Athletes.

I found this video at YouTube while I was checking out some power lifting videos. I was looking out for videos of the power lifting giants, who are named by Marty Gallagher in his book Purposeful Primitive, for the stories I read in the book demanded to know more about them. I did find the videos of the giants such as, Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, and Doug Furnas who are all featured in Gallagher’s book. Besides, the one I am posting below did really energize me though it is not related to the power lifting heroes whom I speak about.
You will see a power lifter failing in his squat and then coming back victorious, and another power lifter whose shins are bleeding because of dead lifting, which is exhilarating to watch. You can also catch a glimpse of Ed Coan, Jim Wendler, and Andy Bolton, the first man to lift a 1000 pound dead lift in a power lifting competition, in the video.
I salute to these dedicated athletes. I believe these men belong to a different league; perhaps to a warrior clan and the war they are waging against is the weight loaded bar.

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