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Motivation from Bill Goldberg.

Listen to the man in the video. Bill Goldberg speaks words of wisdom. I like when he says, “In any endeavor, a desire to excel that reaches far deeper than monetary.” I endorse his views. I have always felt that the passion or the desire we carry to excel at anything is beyond any reasoning. For that matter, money or fame cannot dictate terms when we are deeply passionate about the field we choose.

His words are truly inspirational. I would like to present a few lines from his speech. He states, “You have to have a passion for it. You have to have the desire to be the best at it. Apply a hundred percent of yourself to whatever it is. Not necessarily that you succeed. But so that you can look at the mirror and be proud of who you are because it is not about winning or losing—it’s about giving your best.”

By the way, as he says in the beginning of the video, it is not about excelling in any specific field. Let me not spoil your mood by blabbering more on what he says. Do find some time and listen to him. It is words of wisdom at its best.

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