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Motivation From Rafael Nadal.

The final match of the Australia Open 2012, as scheduled, took off on Sunday, the 29th of January. As expected it turned out to be a heck of a match. Rafael Nadal, of whom I am a big admirer, was all set for the challenge. He came with all his guns blazing. He had convincingly lost the previous six encounters with Novak Djokovic. Among all the losses, the most bitter were those he lost at the Wimbledon and the US open of 2011. Though Nadal again lost the match, it was not an easy win for Novak. Djokovic had to bring out all his strength to win the match. One could easily say that this match was one of the best fought in the history of tennis.

I have started to admire Nadal more. Though he is the runner-up, I declare him the winner. Why? The never-say-die attitude of Nadal that is very well known was again quite evident. Everyone knows that Novak is a better player, but the grit and perseverance of Nadal spoke many words. Also, I will never forget the inspiring post-match comment of Nadal that I read in the newspaper. Even the suffering in the final slog was enjoyment, he said. “But that’s nice (to) being there fighting, trying to go to the limit, bring your body at the limit of its chances,” he said.

“Something I really enjoyed and I (have) always said it’s good (to) suffer. So when you are fit, when you are with passion for the game, when you are ready to compete, you are able to suffer and enjoy suffering. I don’t know if I express it very well, but it’s something that maybe you understand… I suffered during the match, but I enjoyed all the troubles that I had during all the match.”

I have no others words to say about this super champ. I salute him.

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