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Motivation From Rocky Balboa.

I believe you will recognize the poster shown below. Yes, it is from the movie, Rocky. Of course, the man is Slyvster Stallone, who is portraying the Rocky character in all six parts. If I am correct, the words on the poster are spoken by Rocky to his son in the sixth part. The words are quite inspirational.

Rocky is speaking to his son before fighting in a match. However, the message not only applies to a fighting arena, but also to life in general. Indeed, life is not about how you perform when you are upbeat–it is better measured in adversity. This reminds me of one of the several quotes which hangs on my gym wall. William Ellery Channing, an US abolitionist and clergyman, rightly states, “Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”

I honestly don’t know how I would act when challenged. At the same time, I know that I would hate to succumb.

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  1. An intriguing saying it is! Its like yet another proverb hanging on your gym wall – “Fall seven times & get up the eight time”. Life is meant to be enjoyed & that is possible when one finds him/herself a proper place to fit in this ‘nasty’ world, meaning he/she grows by questioning his/her assumptions & thereby rising to conflict in the stream of one’s own ideas & thoughts.
    Happy facing the world Sir!

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