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My Heroes

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • December 16, 2021

I am extremely glad that Gunasheela has been guiding his young son, Chirag, to adapt to a fitness lifestyle. His son should feel doubly blessed to have a father who not only escorts him to the gym but also tirelessly works out with him. Imagine your father or mother regularly exercising with you.  It helps to set up a tremendous example for a young mind to emulate.  A fitness lifestyle which includes healthy eating becomes effortlessly second natured if started from an early age. It can be daunting for an adult to learn to eat healthy and to stay fit.  I am reminded of an age-old quotation: “If a plant won’t bend, how could a tree?” This saying still holds good.

    Gunasheela has fought a hard battle to lose fat. He had gained an enormous amount of fat but has lost a whopping 40 kilos.  Bravely, he still holds onto the lean frame.  But it has been a Herculean task to do so. His body is constantly on the lookout to gain fat and will readily do so if we stop the physical activity.  Moreover, adding excess calories will exacerbate the situation.  Fat cells hate caloric deprivation.  Also, researchers have found that fat cells appear to “remember” the unrestricted diet. Their functions seem to be programmed to their early-life diet, and they are not able to adapt completely to the new diet.  Presumably, the weight gain earlier is easily remembered and will be strongly defended. 

 Gunasheela understands that he is in a precarious position.  On a positive note, it’s heart-warming to see a father walk the talk.  I believe it will enormously help Chirag carve a fitness lifestyle. Chirag too continues to lose fat, and it’s encouraging to see him stronger and healthier.  The coming months will be interesting, as I am eager to see his transformation. I am sure that he won’t disappoint me, as I can feel a deep desire in him to change.

Take home message

Isaac Newton correctly said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  I have been following this dictum all my life.  Moreover, I continue to learn and have developed a student’s mindset. To realise and acknowledge that somebody may know more than you is a better approach to learning.  On the contrary, I had assumed that these giants were not at our doorsteps.   All the giants I encountered weren’t physically close to me. However, now I see that these heroes are right in front of me.  Perhaps they might not be living an extraordinary life.  They are simple people living ordinary lives, but the daily struggles they come across are gargantuan.  We need to have the right perspective to recognise them— to recognise the hero in them.   Trying to fulfil their dreams, they have fought many hard battles and have overcome.  My respect goes out to them.

PS:  Chirag is an adolescent. I have observed that, generally speaking, it is easier for teenagers to hold on to a leaner frame than for adults.  Indeed, for adults I have observed it’s an uphill task to do so.

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  1. Beautiful write up Sir. Thanks to Iron cult for influencing our life style for a better one. Special thanks to you, Prasad sir and the team.

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