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My Idol

Ross Enamait has been my idol and a mentor. It was 7 years ago that Todd Reinhard, my Guru, introduced me to Ross. From then on I sincerely oblige to what Ross says. I, however, disagree on few of his ideas. Yet he has never failed me. I employ several of his methodologies in training my clients, and my rewards are great. Resulting in many fat loss success stories actualized at the gym.

Many of my beliefs coincide with what Ross says. At times, however, you doubt the authenticity of your beliefs. You fear whether the road taken is right or wrong. Fortunately you find a fellow being, interestingly your idol, standing by many of your beliefs. When a man of Ross’s stature strongly endorses your ideas you steadfastly move ahead—no matter what. has featured a beautiful story about Ross. I want you to read the Q and A in its entirety. I learnt a lot from this interaction. Perhaps you have a few lessons to learn from Ross. A video of his training is also presented in the interview. Watch the video. You will know why I profess him to be my idol.

Click here to read the LiveFitter story.

My Guru–Todd Reinhard

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