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I agree that Sylvester Stallone uses steroids to build muscle. I have always stated that I don’t support the use of performance enhancing drugs. The physical capacity of Stallone, however, continues to surprise me. On the flip side, I have encountered several children who are obese just like it is shown in the picture. When I was studying in school out of the whole lot of students only a few of them were obese. Now, when I visit my daughter’s school I see that several of them are obese.

Parents are to be blamed

Parents always wish their children to be fat and plump. The site of a ballooned cheek is so adoring to many. They say, “My daughter is cuddled by so many when she walks by in the park or road and that just delights me.” Perhaps the fat kid also loves the admiration. Things, however, get nasty.

Parents think about their kids that it is FINE to be fat. In fact, they blurt that if kids are fat they are healthy. I have no complaints, yet. Parents, however, follow the same trend of force feeding their children even after they grow up. Eating all the junk foods—fried chips, chocolates, bakery products, ice cream, pastries, and what not is rather natural to the parents. They say, “Come on, children can have these food stuffs, for they are growing.” The irony is that several parents, however, don’t think it to be natural for their children to get some physical activity.

Alarm bells, however, start ringing in the parents head when their child is turning out to be a physically matured individual. The same plump child doesn’t look adorable, anymore. Now, when that teenager walks by in the park or road he is taunted by the same people who had cuddled him as a child.

What transpires to parents when they are in that situation? They go berserk not knowing what to do. Instead, all they could have done is to educate themselves about healthy eating. They could have setup a good example for the child to follow suit.

You definitely don’t want to look like that 18 year old in the picture. Beware, as Rose Kennedy says, “The time will come when it will disgust you to look in the mirror.”

You are what you eat. So, you better eat healthy and get some physical activity. There is simply no other means to be healthy and fit.

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