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My Rambling.

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • October 28, 2010

Since I am an introvert, I always like to train alone and never would want others to even talk to me when I am training. If a boon is granted, perhaps, I may allow anyone who trains intensely to train with me, but would like others to stay away. So running a commercial gym for a man who is an introvert doesn’t fit in, but I have changed a lot and now I do like the company of others. It maybe because most of the guys who train at my gym do train intensely. But I do go mad if I see people go on mumbling instead of working out.

This being the reason, I train early in the morning before clients start coming into the gym. This way I can stay focused and give my best when I am training. There are two guys who train with me and we three hardly exchange words while working out. We talk about the weights we need to pile or about the next workout we need to execute. I don’t even play loud music when I am working out as I see it as a huge distraction. But I always play Rocky’s Eye Of The Tiger or the background music when Rocky trains to prepare for his ultimate fight in his movies while I am squatting or deadlifting.

Today was another fine day without huge distraction, for though I was helping others with their routine I somehow could shutdown others presence when I was working out. As a result it helped me in deadlifting(regular) 400 pounds. Off late, as I have discussed in my previous writings, I am going heavy on some of my compound lifts, and it feels heavenly when you are lifting heavy weights and breaking personal records.

I hope nobody feels offended after reading my thoughts. But it should be known that I am always trying my best to help others succeed in their fitness goal. I may not be very vocal when I am helping with a clients workout, but I am always aware of their strength and weaknesses, for example injury, and then go on to suggest a workout. For example, I know the individuals who have back injuries in the gym, for I am mindful in avoiding certain movements in their routine. So suggesting a workout involves planning which depends on factors such as: Age, previous injury, years of experience in lifting, exercise comfortability, individuals day to day mental condition, and his fitness goal, medical conditions, etc.

PS: Although I deadlifted 400 pounds after a very long time, I could sense that my form was not very perfect. I was driving my hips more. This usually happens with many lifters when they are lifting heavy.

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