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My Ramblings

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • November 26, 2012

Strength training is an integral part of my life. Why? It has given back the much needed health I need. I feel a lot younger. I feel more confident, for I can boast of robust health and strength. I also feel more energetic and livelier. However, I have to say that I am now plagued with minor setbacks—a stiff and weak lower back and a nagging pain in my right elbow. I hope that these are minor pitfalls for me to overcome.

Nonetheless, I am not the one to sit and drool over my so called achievements or pitfalls. I look out for various avenues to learn, learn, and learn. One of the indispensable ways to learn is to read books. This has nudged me to read books on various topics. As Frank Forencich the author of Exuberant Animal says, “We need to nourish ourselves across a broader range of experience.”

Speaking of books, I just finished reading a book titled Into The Wild. It is a magnificent story. A few months back I bought the book to read it when I was free. Recently, I accidentally picked up the book and was hooked just after reading two or three pages. It is of course a very depressing but immensely enriching book. The author’s perspective also makes the reading very special. After reading the book I will bet you that Chris Mccandles, the protagonist, will definitely prod you to think deeply about several things in your life.

In fact, I saw a definite change in my handwriting. From a longtime, I was struggling with my handwriting. Oh yes! I was writing beautifully while I was in school and at PUC. Now, unexpectedly and surprisingly my handwriting improved by leaps and bounds. The reason I believe is that I am just being more mindful with what I am doing. I have started to appreciate with what I have and what I do. I know that this feeling maybe short-lived, but I will thank Mccandles for giving me the opportunity to appreciate life, at the least, for a short while.

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