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My Rant: Part 2

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Studying books has also helped me tremendously to train my gym clients. Reading books that are written by strength coaches and physical therapists has enabled me to learn about various approaches to train. The strength coaches not only have had degrees and other certifications attached to their credentials but also have trained in the trenches and derived firsthand information. It provides me the armor to diversify my workout regimens thereby emphasizing more on quality work than quantity.

Some of the books on strength training which come to my mind are books written by Pavel Tsatsouline. His books provide a different perspective by challenging what the western world says. He masterly substantiates his claim by very well proven techniques and strategies. Mind you, there are certain western coaches who are very smart and have penned great books. For example, Dan John the author of Never Let Go, a must read for fitness aficionados, Marty Gallagher’s The Purposeful Primitive and last but not the least Frank Forencich’s Exuberant Animal. These books not only help you to learn, but also assist in unlearning. That will enable you to discard the unwanted and embrace what is required.

I would like say a few more words about my hobbies. The list of hobbies start from reading books, improving my English writing skills, pen collection, watching thought provoking movies. It will be farther from the truth if you say that fitness science is the only subject that interests me. On the other hand, you can see that I happily indulge in so many other interests. In the movie Half Nelson the protagonist rightly says, One thing doesn’t make a man.” So you see that there can be many things that define you. You cannot pigeon-hole life or a man’s character.

PS: I have learnt a great deal about training and life by associating myself with my mentor, Todd Reinhard, and a few more peers.

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