My Rant.

Well, I tried exercising the standing roll-out and could manage only 10 repetitions. I cannot boast of my accomplishment, for a 71 year old man, who is double my age, has overtaken us by many standards. All I can say about the standing roll-out is that it is an exercise, which gives the biggest bang for the buck. Performing few sets will turn out to be an excellent whole body routine that is time efficient and very effective.
Speaking about accomplishments, if you can read the briefing at my homepage you can clearly see that I/we are not here to boast of my/our achievements, for I still see myself as an avid student of life. Being a student of life I want to know what Am I worthy off? I still have a tendency to be overzealous and extend my limits, and, as stated before, I have suffered severe injuries. But you will come to realize that injuries come hand in hand with physical training. Nonetheless, injuries prove to be an excellent guardian, for it teaches us that balance and integration are the keys to real physical fitness. It will teach you where you failed and what you ignored.
After almost 14 years of weightlifting experience and studying numerous books on fitness science, I can say that there will be days when you want to test your limits and days where you want to take it easy. You will have to listen to that all important cues, which your body expresses. Importantly, don’t be one dimensional, but integrate the factors that bring a balance.

By the way, do enjoy viewing the video of me executing 10 repetitions. I have again shared the video of the 71 year old man performing 15 repetitions.

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