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Never Attempt To Accelerate Your Progress – Doug Hepburn.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • April 25, 2011

The above statement is a  profound insight which was expressed by the mighty Doug Hepburn.   It is well known that progressive resistance is the primary factor in developing muscular strength.  Applying resistance can be in the form of increasing the weight,  repetition, intensity, lengthening the time under tension, etc.

Though increasing the resistance is paramount, starting with light weights allows for more time to progress forward.   It is alluring for beginners or advanced athletes to go ahead of themselves.   By doing so, your lifts may move ahead for few months but then will stall.  You have to keep inching forward.  But getting frustrated and trying to lift heavy each and every-time you hit the gym has its pitfalls.
Now, look back to what Doug Hepburn had to say many  decades ago.   His statement is relevant even now and will continue to hold good in the future too.  The longer you progress, even in minutest scale it means that you are actually progressing.  So, take it slow.



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