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Never Give Up

Wow!  This is one of the most inspiring stories I have heard off.  I believe this is an Olympic distance running race.  It can be a marathon—42 kilometers.  The lady running the race speaks in the background.  She specifies the reason behind her adverse physical condition.  She says, “The heat and humidity was extreme and that I had to put aside the pain to just concentrate on the race.   My head and everything was functioning, as she knew where she had to go though she was dehydrated and her body was cramping up.  I told myself to keep running and try to keep upright, but my muscles didn’t respond.  I knew if I would stop or sit down that would be the end of it.  I just was determined to make it to the finish line.”

On the flipside, allow me to discuss the scientific reason behind this bold and motivating act. This story clearly says that fatigue is more of an emotional response.  In the book titles Exuberant Animal, Frank Forencich clearly says that, contrary to perception, it’s not the muscles who are running the show, but it’s the brain which creates the distressing sensation, which we interpret as muscle fatigue.  So, fatigue may actually be a creation of the mind.  If you don’t believe me you should watch the video.  Although her body said no her mind didn’t accept to give up.  Watch the video to know more about the story.

Moreover, if you are interested to read the verbatim extract of Frank Forencich’s review of the scientific report click here

What’s the take home message?  You are stronger than you think.  We should all try to harness the power of the mind, for its potential is unmatched.

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