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New add ons

One more essential component to the training arsenal of Ironcult is the gymnastic ring.  We already own and operate on one gymnastic ring, however, it is taking the brunt of most of gym clients–they execute ring flyes, dips, jack knife pushup, muscle up, etc.

I was so compelled to invest on a second set of gymnastic ring.  This one is a professional ring used by competitive gymnasts.  The wood used to make the ring is smooth but very sturdy.  Moreover, the transition from a pull-up to dip while performing the muscle up is liquid.  It might eventually help me in breaking my personal best repetitions—six.

Another addition to the gym is the wooden boxes used to execute box jumps.  One measures 30 inches and the other 18 inches.  30 inches is usually used my men and the 18 by women.  Moreover, there were a few cases of wounded legs while we used the iron stool, which was originally meant for performing step ups.  However, few of my gym outdid themselves by jumping on a 46 inch stool, which is a reverse hyper extension machine.

Nonetheless, a majority of men find the 30 inch box challenging enough to include in their workout regime.  By the way, step ups are also performed on the 18 inch wooden box.  Moreover, I believe the boxes are sturdy enough to withhold the extra weight while executing step ups with weights, for the wooden boxes are supported by a steel frame which is screwed into it, resulting in operating on very strong boxes.

Last but not the least; I have invested on a pair of resistance bands.  Although they are specifically meant for powerlifting I brought them to perform pull apart for the shoulders.

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