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New Year Resolution.

I have never have had any resolutions for the new year  till date.  I usually don’t plan things.  I try to go and get it, for I feel its now or never.  And for this new year, I know that many of you will be making many resolutions, for  I humbly request you to make a resolution to achieve physical fitness.  I don’t want you to take physical fitness for granted.  The benefit of having a sound body has many advantages.  The other day I proved to one of my friend who started frequenting my gym that walking as an exercise is a bad idea.  He was of the notion that walking, as universally suggested by doctors to provide over all fitness, to be the best means to achieve fitness.

I asked him to execute a few movements and I could see that he was struggling with those simple moves.  I then asked him whether he had felt the same tiredness while he walked?  As you might imagine his answer was a big NO. Perhaps, walking as an exercise may work very well for elders who may find a simple and leisurely exercise such as walking to be a difficult task.  The elderly population may not have another choice other than walking to keep them mobile.  But, if at all they would have planned rigorous workouts on a regular basis from their younger days, it would really benefit them in staying fit and active even in their ripe age.

But what about you?  You would be in your 30’s or 40’s and why do you want to pretend like an old man?  You want to walk through your way to achieve over all fitness and think that your blood sugar will stabilize and blood pressure would also subside.  No.  You cannot cheat your way into achieve health and  fitness.  You have to rigorously workout for an hour or so to elicit any positive changes in your body. In general, the intensity of the workout you perform has to tire you.  Now, ask yourself whether walking can tire you?  I believe not.
I do have a take home message to make at this juncture:  Embrace weight training.  One of the best way to achieve fitness is to weight train. Training with weights is the best method to build muscle and lose fat.  Moreover, you by now know that building muscle is anti-aging.

It merely takes an hour to go through a weight training session.  Three or four such sessions per week would do a lot of good to be fit and healthy, which you will continue to benefit for a lifetime if you have it in you to workout on a regular basis.  Now, ask the question whether you have it in you to workout regularly?

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