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Old Age and Exercise

Here is another example where you can find a man defying his age by squatting a weight of 182 kilos at a ripe age of 77 years. The man in the video is Mike Huzka, who was a weightlifter and has won numerous World Master’s championships.

I know old men out there would be saying that just because he was a weightlifter it is easy or possible for him to lift weights. There are numerous examples where many Grand Mother’s have started training after they reached their 40’s or 50’s. In relation to the same context, old age people should start lifting weights, for it is found to be the best method to stall the aging process, as aging causes muscle loss which in turn is the major cause for diseases like diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many diabetes related heart problems to set in. I repeat that muscle loss is one of the major contributing factors for these above diseases to wreak havoc in your health and well being.
I can go on writing regarding the benefits of weight training, for it is beyond the scope of this write-up. We have many examples like Mike Huzka and the accompanying video where you can see a Grand Mother, who started lifting weights at the ripe age of 56. The lady in the video is Ernestine Sheperd, who is a 73 year old Grand Mother. She bench presses 150 pounds and runs 80 miles a week. I repeat that she didnt start exercising until she was 56.
We do have only one task to perform, and that is to emulate these men and women who have really set high standards.

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