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Old Age and Physical Activity Can Go Hand in Hand

Do you think old age and physical exercise don’t go hand in hand? You are wrong. This octogenarian performs 18 chin-ups. This depicts that the human body is capable of doing more than you could imagine. Consistency and persistence are the two important factors to keep going.

On a similar note, I, ironically, see many teenagers, men and women join the gym and quit in a short span. I don’t know what message they are imparting to themselves. Several of the men want to attain a fit and shredded–Herculean physique in a very short term; whereas, women would like to burn all the excess weight and demonstrate a curvy figure in no time. When I suggest them that it might take a few years or, at the least, several months they are dumbfounded. They invariably quit.

You should know that physical activity of any kind should be thought in the long term. Whether you live for 30, 40, or 50 years you are bound live healthily. You cannot boast of supreme health without being physically fit. Okay! Allow me to ask you one question. Say you achieve a shredded physique in 3 months. What after that? You will again regain all the fat after 3 months is it? In other words, obtaining a shredded physique or a curvy figure is only a short term dream for you. My friend, please wake up from the slumber! Achieving a shredded physique or a curvy figure demands continued persistence and consistency. The day you quit the physical activity, you invariably gain fat. It’s the nature of human body. If you rest you will rust.

I will sum-up this write up by presenting what Robin Sharma says. He says, “You dishonor yourself when you play small with your talent.” So, pursue for excellence, and don’t settle for mediocrity. You’re meant for greatness and glory.

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