Nature's bounty, harvested with care,
Experience the purity of natural farming

Hi, we are Amanda
and Shawn

Organic Ironcult is a unique concept that combines organic farming with bodybuilding. The owner of the farm, a former bodybuilder, has transitioned to organic farming and uses his knowledge of nutrition and fitness to grow high-quality, organic produce. The farm uses natural farming techniques such as mulching, noncultivation, and crop rotation, without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic Ironcult aims to provide consumers with clean and healthy food options while reducing the carbon footprint of conventional farming practices. The farm also offers online sales and shares healthy recipes using their organic produce. Organic Ironcult is a sustainable and innovative way to promote healthy living and environmental consciousness.

Our Latest Adventures


Terry Fox

How about this story to inspire us all?  Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right knee resulting in amputating his right leg. 

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Insane and Inspiring

I am fascinated looking at this guy.  No doubt they have named him Insane Muscle Guy.  Can you ever imagine doing these workouts?  The exercise where

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Terence Haynes

Here is a guy who lost more than 200 pounds in a year.  Terence Haynes who is 45 years old made up his mind to

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