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Overhead Squat

Why do I ask you to perform overhead squats?

Overhead squat can be a great assessment tool.  It speaks volumes about:

Ankle positions, knee positions, spine positions, etc.

To perform an overhead squat with full range of motion, an individual needs:

Sufficient ankle mobility.

Sufficient knee mobility.

Sufficient hip mobility.

Good cervical, thoracic and lumbar mobility and stability.

Good bilateral shoulder range of motion.

Full elbow extension.

Ability to demonstrate good motor control.

As Scott Iardella says in The Edge of Strength that it’s a good assessment tool as a stand-alone.  You can sense that it gets done a great deal of job by engaging several muscles and joints and demands maximum mobility and stability on various joints.  All in all, I am of the view that it’s an excellent tool which speaks highly about a person’s mobility, flexibility and strength.  Lastly, its  a tremendous complex and compound movement, which can humble you.


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  1. Great reading Sir, currently my overhead squat is poor, but is definitely improving from the day I have joined the gym, Thanks to Prasad Sir and You, I throughly enjoy the workouts.

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