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Pain Tolerance


I can state that I am a man who walks the talk—fitness related.  I am a living example of whatever I say and do.  I always ponder over and try to figure-out what fitness lifestyle has given back to me.   It has given back a lot of things.  What is that “lot” I am speaking about? It has provided me health, perspective towards life, wealth—I earn money by coaching right, and many other things. However, I would like to discuss one, perhaps, insignificant aspect—physical pain tolerance. Insignificant?  Well, you don’t commence strength training to achieve pain tolerance.  That maybe the last thing on the list, as you might want to lose fat, build muscle and just look great.  Nonetheless, I believe, though neglected the tolerance to physical pain can indeed act as a boon.

Often you complain about a wound that you would have developed: say you fell down the stairs.  It may be a small cut, or a deep wound–fracture inflicted by the fall.  You don’t stop to complain.   The pain you get from the wound is unbearable.  You try to exaggerate the pain.  Suppose, you get hold of a device that can bring down the pain, won’t that be wonderful? That instrument to alleviate the pain can be the strength training you perform. Yes, to a person who has strength trained physical pain isn’t new.  Because at every instance you have to deal with physical resistance.  Believe me, the resistance you come across and the challenge it throws at you can teach you a lot about overcoming pain in general.  When I say its physical, it can also carryover to your mental realm, as mind and body go hand in hand–the physical resistance can teach you to not only get  physically stronger to overcome the resistance but it also assists in gaining mental fortitude.

     What science says–

Scientific studies confirm that you can add tolerance as another quality that athletes (strength trainers alike) possess compared to the average Joe.  Athletes often possess skills, instincts and other qualities that seem somewhat superhuman. The fact that they deal with pain more efficiently than normal people suggests that athletes are somewhat of a different kind. Perhaps, future studies can determine the mechanisms athletes use to deal with pain, and possibly methods for pain tolerance can be created. On a similar note, by embracing functional training which is similar to athletic training, you try to achieve the mindset of an athlete; thereby, you also teach a method to your body to handle physical pain.

All said and done, this factor is perhaps of not great significance to you.  However, the tolerance to pain can transform you as, a relatively, more confident individual, for physical injuries don’t threaten your well-being.

Also, from a purely physical perspective, note that the more muscle you carry your joints are better protected.  I met with a grievous accident while I was studying law—almost 18 years ago. The right-side of my body was badly injured, and my right shoulder muscle was severely scraped.  The surgeon who was operating on me suspected a fractured shoulder and opted for an x ray before bandaging the wound.  Fortunately, it was only a deep wound.  And I vividly remember when the surgeon said, “The bodybuilding has saved your shoulder from the fracture.”

Embrace strength training guys:  it has a lot to offer.

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  1. Yes! I remember your accident!! So, we are friends for quite sometime – 18 years! Only a body builder can survive such an accident!!

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