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Parkour In India: Gunjan Sharma

This is Gunjan Sharma practicing and mastering parkour in India in the videos. He has been practicing this physical art from a very long time. I have almost completed an interview with him which I will publish in a few days.

It will now suffice to say that it was in 1997 the craze bit this 14 year old boy to master some basic gymnastic movements like front flip, front hand spring, and side split. Now, this 29 year old fitness freak has come a long way. He has learnt many disciplines such as Karate, Taekwondo, and even Jeet Kune Do, the martial art taught by the great Master, Bruce Lee. Finally, in 2007 when he saw parkour for the first time he was captivated. He started learning by watching the videos in YouTube. However, he didn’t stop there. He wanted to achieve “ultimate” fitness, and to obtain that he seriously thought that a student will also have to be very good at self-defense. Now, he integrates and teaches Jeet Kune Do along with Parkour to his students.

He is making great strides in teaching his own form of fitness to many individuals. He teaches in Mumbai and Delhi. He is also making his mark in Bollywood as a stuntman. I will post two of his videos. In one of them you can see him to have mastered many of the movements performed in parkour. In the other video you will see him in action in an advertisement as a prisoner who evades the police.

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