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Personal Training

A new chapter has been cast upon me off late.   I am personally training a few individuals in the gym.  A national level  rifle shooter started frequenting Ironcult after a mutual acquaintance asked him to train with me.

We started with a basic bodybuilding workout regime, but I felt that it would not meet the requirement of this athlete.  I was then forced to suggest him to be personally trained.  What then followed where a few more individuals who had specific goals and needed my help to pursue it.

Although I was a little skeptical about it, I have to say that personal training has been very enriching.  It has made my work/passion more interesting, as it is more challenging.  For example, you have clearly defined goals which are put forth, and now it’s for me to apply  my knowledge to fulfill the desire of the individual.  It was fourteen years ago that I was training personally, and now I feel more confident to train my men, for the sheer experience I have gathered till now–the continuous research I conduct through many venues—the internet, books, correspondence with peers and coaches, etc—in order to upgrade my knowledge helps me tremendously to assist them.

I hope I will not disappoint them.

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  1. Yella OK……but last line yake……
    All of us come to you to learn and it is our responsibility too to make the most out of the mutual work. I suppose we can make the best use of our time at IRON CULT by nudging each other towards each other’s goal 🙂

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