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Pole Vaulting at 90

This is another immensely inspiring story. Dr William Bell, 90 years old, is breaking world records in pole vaulting in a training facility of his son. He is also the father of former Olympic pole vaulter Earl Bell, who won the silver medal in 1984.

In video footage of his feat, a shirtless Dr Bell runs to the bar and clears it with great finesse. Dr William Bell is the current world record holder of his age group in pole vaulting. He has also held records in this sport in the age groups 75 to 79, 80 to 84, and 85 to 89.

What is the take home message? Please don’t go home and try pole vaulting; you may break your bones. Instead, embrace physical activity and enrich your mind and body by providing more life to it. You will definitely receive back more than what you give. Moreover, please don’t dream about being fit and healthy without spending time on it. Remember, it is a lifestyle change that you have to owe and not a quick fix solution to greatness. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”

PS: I thank Brooks Kubik for sharing this story.

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