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Power Of Protein Revisited.

It is a well discerned fact that protein builds muscle. It should also be known that protein has a thermogenic / fat burning effect on the body. In fact protein is the highest of all the macronutrients in thermic effect. 30% of calories which protein contains are lost in digesting and processing of it.

It is also well established that muscle is metabolically very active and burns more calories even while resting. So, the more muscle you carry the more calories you burn. In other words, the more muscle you build the more fat you burn as your metabolism gets ramped up.

Allow me to explain the additional powers of protein. I have found the briefing on protein provided by International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) from where I have been proudly certified as a personal trainer to be relevant. ISSA elementarily states that when anyone sweats, some proteins are lost; during heavy exercise, blood cells are destroyed. When this occurs, protein is used to rebuild these cells. Whatever the reason, it is vital to know that additional protein is needed in proportion to your muscles demand for it. The more intensely you train, the more protein is required for repair and growth.

Protein deficiencies can result in growth abnormalities, and hinder tissue development. Adult athletes can expect such conditions as sleepiness, reduced energy, weakness, mental depression. More importantly, the power of protein should be sincerely thought about when it comes to supporting the immune system, for protein deficiencies leads to lowered resistance to infections and disease, slowed healing of injuries, and prolonged recovery from exercise.

I hope you understand the power of protein now. Somehow, I have seen a lack of awareness when it comes to protein consumption. Look at our typical diet and what you can see? It is usually a breakfast made out of rice, ragi, or wheat, and the same applies to lunch and dinner too. Protein consumption is a rarity in our diet schedule. We don’t need large quantities of protein in our meals. What we all need is consuming small quantities of protein in every meal we eat. I know that this may sound to be a very tedious task, but bringing in small changes will do the trick. So, don’t jump into change your diet drastically, but alter your diet steadily and slowly by incorporating protein to your diet on a regular basis.

PS: Although the major chunk of this blog entry is picked from one of my previous blog entries titled The Power Of Protein, I have added more information pertaining to the benefits of consuming protein in the present write up.

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