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Powerlifting Workshop

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • November 19, 2012

Wow! The workshop on the powerlifts was very well conducted by Sujay, Subramanya, Azam, Venkat, and Monica. It was an eye opener, for many smaller details that were thought to be unimportant were intricately explained to us. Of course, the outmost importance was given to right technique that involve taking care of all the minor details. In other words, all the aspects have to fall into its respective place. Take for example, the placement of the bar just beneath the trapezius, clasping the bar with the elbows, and the hip drive to be one of the important technicalities towards successful lifting in the squat.

Even though I have extensively read many books and watched various videos regarding the technicalities of powerlifting it is always the best way to be taught on one on one basis. This is far and away the best option. Who else could have taught me better? It had to be drug free power lifters who have to be the best. They are forced to be the best because they are competing against powerlifters where most of them are using performance enhancing drugs.

Moreover, I was at awe when I saw them lift heavy weights with absolute technique. It was electrifying. The importance they gave towards the form and technique was bang on. I truly hope that my gym clients were benefitted by the workshop.

I whole-heartedly thank Sujay, subramanya, Azam, Venkat, and Monica for making the workshop a huge success.

Enjoy viewing the pictures.

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