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Prasad’s Journey

This is a proud moment, as Ironcult continues to maintain its high standards. I am very glad to announce that Prasad, my colleague, is a certified fitness trainer. This has added an important feather in his cap. He has joyously laboured extensively and has earned several certifications. I graciously admire his persistence. It’s also comforting to know that you will continue to be in safe hands.
He has been my colleague for 12 years, and I have never doubted his practical abilities to coach. For instance, his coaching skills while he teaches Olympic snatch, deadlift, squat, kettlebell movements and other compound movements are precise. He has also seen me evolve as a strength and conditioning coach and knows how I operate in the gym. Likewise, attending weekend workshops and passing them is a piece of cake for him. For instance, obtaining the kettlebell, animal flow, boot camp certifications never troubled him. These weekend courses don’t require him to study theory but are practical courses. However, studying fitness science was always a tough nut to crack for this commerce graduate.
As a result, he relied heavily on me: periodizing the routines, learning new exercises, providing diet and workout plans, speaking about supplementation, etc. For example, a few months ago, I dictated a month’s workout plan to a group of my gym clients. But I saw that those gym clients weren’t executing the movement which I had prescribed. Prasad had inattentively demonstrated a different exercise–that left me feeling uneasy.
From the moment I began operating the gym, I realized that it was not only about owning a fitness facility but that it also came with a tremendous responsibility: the obligation to help my gym clients fulfil their fitness dreams. The trust my clients place in me must be rightfully returned. My passion also encouraged me to study fitness science and nutrition. (I began my career in 2003 having obtained fitness trainer certificate from the prestigious international sport sciences association (ISSA) since that time I have earned several other certifications). And I strongly desired for Ironcult’s quality service to continue, but Prasad’s negligence concerned me. So, I decided to check his lacklustre attitude. I compelled him to join a fitness certification course and made sure that it included several hours of theoretical classes: physiology, anatomy, kinesiology and nutrition with practical hours of application. Yes, I wanted him to learn the nuts and bolts of fitness science and nutrition.
He reluctantly agreed but surprised me, as he seriously approached his studies. He relentlessly asked me for clarifications. I also realised that he penetrated deeply while studying, as he asked me several thoughtful questions. As anticipated, he overcame the hurdle and got through the exam on his first attempt. This has prompted him to earn a few more certificates by participating in new courses and workshops. A man who had lacked confidence has been transformed into a powerful force to be reckoned with. I am extremely confident that he will carry the torch into the future.
Prasad now realizes that learning has no age limitations and is never-ending. He now happily accepts that studying is needed to coach effectively. Ironically, this realization dawned on him after 12 years: better late than never. He studies fitness science every day for a couple of hours. He now confidently addresses questions that my gym clients ask him, and he unhesitantly discusses various intriguing fitness topics with me. He effortlessly designs training programs and rarely asks my advice.
PS: Prasad recently participated in a weekend kettlebell training workshop conducted by the internationally acclaimed kettlebell instructor, Steve Cotter. He now possesses two kettlebell trainer certificates (he obtained his first from (Fitter Strength in the year 2015) and is eager to share his knowledge.

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