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Psychological Battle And The Benefit of A Cheat Day

One of the most important battles you face is psychological when it comes to losing fat. The single-most imporatnt factor that I recommend to my gym clients when it comes to losing fat is to stop eating junk.  However, the mind acts crazy because the minute you know that you can’t have something  you start craving more for it.   For example, now is the time you want to have that pizza more when actually it’s prohibited.  Here the cheat day/free day will come to your rescue.  You are allowed to have your cheat food. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t go overboard and have 3 or 4 pizzas at a time or a bucket full of ice cream; instead, just eat a little of them and satisfy your craving–brain.  You don’t want to waste the opportunity of the free day to burn fat rather than end up gaining fat, for the re-feeding went extreme.

Moreover, as I discussed in the previous blog entry, usually a free day has to be high in carbohydrates and fat.  Preferably complex carbohydrates fit the bill than consuming simple carbohydrates; also, a big no to processed carbohydrates.  Healthy fat would be fish oil, walnut, almond, and pistachio.  However, don’t forget to eat your protein.  Without protein burning fat and building muscle is impossible.

PS:  Though I ask you to not consume processed carbohydrates, you can consume a little of your favorite junk food, but don’t overfeed on them.  Getting a taste of some junk food, which you like is to only satisfy your craving.

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