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Pull-up Challenge (Weighted).

Last week, a pull-up challenge (weighted) was contested at Ironcult. In the below video, you can find us demonstrating our strength on the pull-up bar.

At Ironcult I make it a point and ask my clients to hit the pullup bar more often. They are asked to pull-up at least twice in a week. One of the best ways to be good at the pull-up bar is to “Grease the Groove” as Pavel states in his, relatively obscure, but a brilliant book Beyond Bodybuilding. What is Greasing the Groove? It is to do as much work as possible while staying as fresh as possible.
Performing multiple sets for fewer repetitions frequently will do the trick. This surely will help you to climb up the ladder soon.

I might have not stated and explained the above technique to my clients, who wanted to increase their pull-up numbers, but I have certainly put the above technique into practice. Some of them who were unable to execute even a single repetition on the pull-up bar are now able to perform few more repetitions.

Enjoy the below video.

The results are:

Praveen: 60 lbs for 2 repetitions.

Prasad: 70 lbs for 2 repetitions.

Suraj: 80 lbs for 1 repetition.

Vishwanthar: 80 lbs for 2 repetitions.

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