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Rafael Nadal.

I read the autobiography of Rafael Nadal titled RAFA MY STORY which is coauthored by John Carlin. Rafael Nadal is an athlete whom I admire the most. A book from the champion had to be read, so I had preordered the book. I have many times imagined devouring a book penned by Rafael Nadal, as I am truly fascinated by his physical prowess on the tennis court. Now I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream, and yes I am thoroughly delighted to have read his story.

Rafael Nadal is not as graceful as his counter-part and arch rival Roger Federer on a tennis court, or for that matter Novak Djokovic is. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons he has to be at his absolute best to beat the best. In this book you will find the reasons why Rafael Nadal plays his game so tough? You will see why he plays with a never say die attitude and why he plays each point as his last point?

In addition, on a lighter side, you will read that Rafael Nadal arguably the world’s best athlete is afraid of darkness and dogs. And what goes in a champion’s mind during testing times? How vulnerable he can be? Why is he so humble to his opponents?

I just want to state that this book is real treat for all Rafael Nadal fans, for they would definitely want to know, what stuff is he really made off? You have all the answers for your questions in this book.

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  1. My dear Vishwa,
    You never seem to amaze me. With so much work on hand, it is astounding to see you reading so much. You continue to be on to of my list of inspiring people. Keep up the good work my friend!

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