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Reaching A Personal Best.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 9, 2010

I am glad to state that I reached a personal best in dead lifting on a trap bar:  370 pounds excluding the bar.  Allow me to explain on how it all happened today.

As a pre-warm up  I started rolling on the foam roller, for I have felt that the foam roller increases my lower back flexibility. I then went through my lower body warm up ritual, and  I surprisingly felt that my right knee was not troubling me anymore.  As I had stated  earlier in a previous blog entry that I have stopped squatting because of my knee pain.  It has been three weeks since I squatted, and my nagging knee pain has reduced to quiet an extent. And today, my knee felt absolutely right on.  So, today I straight away headed to 50 pounds on each side for my first warm up set and felt pretty good.  I then progressively increased the poundages and reduced the reps from 5 to 1.  Two weeks before I had lifted a personal best of 350 pounds and today when I reached the above stated poundages, I felt pretty strong and thought that I could lift more.  I then loaded the bar up to 370 pounds and was prepared to go for the kill.

I was as usual playing Rocky’s tape in the gym, for I have heavily relied on them whenever I am training  heavy.  I then chalked my hands.  I wore my sweater again as I felt a tinge of   winters cold.  I didn’t want anything  to get into my way, for I wanted  to beat my previous record.  Finally, I braced up by wearing my lifting belt.  I clearly visualized that I could lift the bar up.  I could also sense that my arousal level was pretty high.  Then slowly but steadily I lifted the bar up and stood for a second and then dropped it back again.  I had lifted a personal best, but I could also sense that my technique had diminished to a minimal extent.  That is usually acceptable whenever someone is lifting very heavy.

I was glad that I could make it.  At the same time, I felt that I was a pretty crazy man.  We who all belong to the lifting Cult find great happiness in lifting  great amount of weights, which may sound bizarre to a person who is not involved in the Iron Game.

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  1. sir its good sir,ya as you have told we should improve on our performances for fitness and fat loss.i like to work hard more so that my sprinting and playing rugby becomes full strong.

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