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Redefining Functional Fitness

This is what I call functional fitness. You lift weights so that you can run fast. You will lift weights so that can throw things fast. You lift weights, generally, so that a simple fall on a slippery surface doesn’t break your back.

You don’t lift weights, however, for aesthetic purposes alone. The bodybuilding style of training which imparts isolation of body parts isn’t the way you need to train. Your body is not an assortment of body parts. It works as a unit. For example, if you consider the above stated example of falling on a slippery surface you will most likely benefit having a stronger lower back than having big bicep.

Moreover, the chances of amelioration in the sports skill you are associated are great if you train functionally. Consider the video as an example: the man in the video is generating great pace at punching. Do you think this man could have punched greater if he is involved in bodybuilding style of training? Moreover, can you imagine him spending more time training his arms and generating such pace? I doubt it. If he, however, belongs to the genetically elite group any training would elicit a favorable response.

As a fitness instructor, however, I would rather ask you to squat and deadlift more than isolating your body parts. Building strong legs through squatting and stronger torso through deadlifting will allow you to excel at your specific skill. These compound movements surely have a carryover effect towards your sport skill. In other words, these movements provide the biggest bang for the buck.

Train movements than muscles. Watch the video.

PS: Functional training will only supplement your sports kill. You have to prioritize training your sport skill than spending a great amount of time lifting weights. You cannot lay over emphasis even on functional training.

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