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Reference point

The below pattern can be considered as the reference point when it comes to consuming food to either lose weight or gain weight.  However, the most important component of a diet to be result oriented relies on the quality of the food coupled with daily exercise. Moreover you don’t have to count your calories to lose or gain weight.  I know that bodybuilders do it.  They meticulously count their calories.   I cannot be so tedious, for physical culture then becomes boring and monotonous.  There is no room for change, whatsoever.  On the flipside, all you have to do is watch your diet and be mindful of what you eat.

On a similar note, I have competed more than two times in bodybuilding.  Nevertheless, I didn’t count my calories.  I went by what the mirror said.  Till date, I don’t count my calories.  However, I make it a point to consume protein in every meal I eat.  Protein not only builds muscle (thereby burning fat) but also helps tremendously in curbing the appetite.  However, I will present the reference point in general.

If you lose more than 1 kilo per week you are eating fewer calories.

If you lose ½ to 1 kilo per week you are then eating the right amount of calories for fat loss

If your weight stays the same you are eating maintenance calories.

If you gain weight you are eating too many calories

Nonetheless, on the flipside, know that, the affinity of carbohydrates converting into fat is more.  The affinity of dietary fat converting into fat is also more.  But the affinity of protein converting into fat is less.  So what?  Don’t bombard yourself with more protein.  However, make it a point to eat protein regularly.  Thereafter, if you apply the above pattern it serves you better.

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