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Regular Physical activity or Diet?

“If you think of food as carbohydrates, the battle is lost before it starts.


Carbohydrates and fats are fillers to add after protein is taken care of.”


Have to agree to the above statement suggested by Josh in the book titled Fat Loss Happens On Monday, which he has coauthored.  However, I agree with some uncertainty.  I believe, generally, this can apply to someone who wants to lose weight.  Nonetheless, I have witnessed many people who have thrived on consuming ample amount of carbohydrates and yet have stayed lean.  Take me for example; I enjoy consuming ample carbohydrates with good amount of protein.   The ratio might look like 60 or 70% carbohydrates and the remaining protein.   So, on the flipside, for me it is other way around to what Josh says.  I mean that carbohydrates take the center stage and protein acts as filler. The ratios of carbohydrates and protein can differ.  It is relative.

However, the important aspect of a healthy diet (where the main emphasis is to lose fat and get healthy) is to eat protein in each and every meal you eat.  The reason:  protein is the best appetite suppressor.  Moreover, if you know how to conduct best with your hunger pangs, you win the fat loss battle.

Nevertheless, Josh is right when he says that you should not think food as carbohydrates only.    Moreover, as my mentor, Todd Reinhard says, “More than food it is the daily dose of exercise that matters the most.”

I recently shared an update in Facebook.  Milind Soman endorsed the above views and said,” If you really want to be fit remember that the Best Diet is useless without regular physical exercise.    Take a grain of sand from them, nonetheless.

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