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I am extremely proud to state that we continue to hit the ground—out door on Fridays.  It has been a very pleasurable journey through out, for we have participated in the Friday drill relentlessly.   The ambience an outdoor activity can provide is unparalleled; the stimulus  it contributes cannot be derived indoors.

In the playful nature of an outdoor activity everybody grows into a child, for everybody losses the sense of passage of time.  Forfeiting the sense of time is truly an enlightening experience, as we are ironically enslaved by time due to lifestyle changes.  However, experiencing timelessness for a short duration of time can be invigorating.

For the same reason, we never stop playing on Fridays.  Tug of war and rugby is an integral part of the Friday routine.  Moreover, we have no reason to stop practicing playing, for my gym clients knowingly or unknowingly become children for a short duration.  However, they cherish the time they spend outdoors.

Get outdoors and play for a while.  You will be energized.IMG_9259 IMG_9281 IMG_9283 IMG_9292 IMG_9303 IMG_9350 IMG_9352 IMG_9356 IMG_9358

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