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Alleviating Shoulder Pain

Do you brachiate, swing?  Yes!  We do.   At Ironcult we have been operating on the monkey bar since one year or so.  Right after I attended the Ido poral workshop in Singapore I seriously wanted a monkey bar, for  Ido endorsed brachiating for healthy shoulders.  Fortunately, the much needed space was the need of the hour and that space was available where we pull the sledge.

Every now and then we include swinging on the monkey bar during our workout.  Moreover, I make it a point to explain it to my clients to include regular passive or active hangs to improve their shoulder health.  However, ironically and unfortunately, we understand the gravity of an injury only after getting injured.  Until then we take it for granted.   Nonetheless, we religiously include hangs twice in a week.  Since I am training the hand stand thrice in a week I felt hanging would ease the tension on my shoulders.  Repeated pressing movements freeze the shoulders and while the exact opposite movement, the hanging frees up—decompresses, the shoulders.  Moreover, after I included few sets of active and passive hangs since 3 months, I can state that my vulnerable shoulders do feel a lot better.    I truly second the views of Ido Portal and agree that incorporating hanging will help immensely in protecting the shoulders.

Last but not the least, listen to Dewey Nielsen in the video, as he states the importance of active hangs.  Are you interested to study further on brachiating at its benefits?   Read the book titled  Shoulder pain?  The solution and prevention by Dr kirsch.  It is an excellent read with tons of nitty-gritty in alleviating shoulder pain.

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