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Remembering Bob Hoffman.

A belated birthday wishes to the late Bob Hoffman. He was born on November 9 1898. Bob was an athlete, nutritionist, weightlifter, coach, and a philanthropist. He was named The Father of World Weightlifting by the International Weightlifting Federation. Bob Hoffman found York Barbell in 1932 and immediately began pioneering many of today’s accepted exercise philosophies. He was a prolific writer of books and articles. He tirelessly promoted the benefits of exercise successfully encouraging its practice to the military and the general public. From the decades of the 30’s through the 70’s, York Barbell flexed its muscle with its Olympic lifting teams. The renowned York Barbell Club dominated the Olympic scene with over 40 national championships and numerous Olympic gold medalists. He also published and edited Strength and Heath magazine which also tried to popularize the benefits of weight training.

He was a man who influenced and guided weightlifting and bodybuilding for half a century. He had rightly said in his book Weightlifting about weight training and how it can help one and all. He had said, “Weight lifting is something that the busy man can find time to do. It is an exercise for the strongest, and the frailest man or woman. It can be practiced at any hour of the day, and in any place where there is room to stretch out your arms. It builds the most magnificently formed men in the world. It builds great strength and health. Advanced weightlifters enjoy life to its fullest. No aches or pains, no ills. Since I have been a weight lifter, I am a leading candidate for the title, “the world’s healthiest man.” No headaches, even minor aches, and pains, indigestion or any physical inconvenience for many years.” For your kind information Bob Hoffman weighed 240 pounds and ran 5 miles with a 15 pound weighted belt and carrying a 20 pound dumbbell at the age of 75. He died at the age of 85.

I truly admire this man, for what he did to the whole world. He endeavored to promote weight training to the masses, as he very well knew the benefit people could derive from it. What we all have to do is, try to emulate this great man, and spread the message of the benefits of lifting weights.

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