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Remembering Joe Frazer.

Joe Frazer, January 12 1944 – November 7 2011, also known as Smoking Joe will be remembered by boxing fans around the world. Though I don’t follow much of boxing, I have always admired athletes from various fields. Besides, the epic battles between Joe Frazer and Muhammad Ali are very well known. In fact, he had won against Ali in 1971. In his illustrious career of 37 matches he won 32 matches (27 knock outs, 5 decisions) 4 losses (3 knock outs, 1 decision), 1 draw.
There are several videos in YouTube, which are dedicated to Joe Frazer, for he was a supreme athlete. On some occasions his boxing style was compared to Rocky Marciano’s, the heavy weight champion from 1952 to 1956.
Below is a video of the champion beating Muhammad Ali in a match termed as the Fight of the Century.

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