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Resistance Training and Bone Density

I happened to read an entry by Mike Geary from He stresses the importance of resistance training (weight training), and how it helped him in saving his legs from a bad accident. Now, it suddenly reminded me of the two road accidents I had met and a serious injury in a gym. The first one had caused grievous bodily injuries. The Orthopedic Doctor who was examining me seriously thought that I had injured my shoulder badly, and perhaps I had a fracture. But, I didn’t, as the X-rays confirmed. The Surgeon who was treating my injuries on my face which had many stitches told me that because of my weight training I had saved my shoulders. Those words of the Doctor keep coming back to me, as I couldn’t figure out the reason behind his statement.
The second accident though of less magnitude when compared to the previous one, I thought was still bad as the blow on my shoulders was huge. Luckily, I again escaped from any serious injury, as the x-rays again didn’t confirm any broken bones.
The third accident happened in a gym where the leg press machine fell on my right knee with 100 kilos on it. I had a bad cut which had to be stitched, but no broken bones.
Now, after all these years of studying fitness material I have come to know that resistance training improves our bone density, and by experience(above instances) I can tell that they have really saved me. The words of the Doctor make complete sense to me now. Weight training not only makes us leaner and stronger but also protects us from many accidents which we come across in our lives. Hail, the warriors who believe in iron! Spread the message and let everybody start believing in our cult which is IRONCULT.

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