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“Resistance is the creator of all great things.”  Heraclitus.

The above quotation is an extract from the book titled Total Body Transformation written by coach Ilg.  I have elaborated on the paramountness of resistance, for I can closely relate to it at this juncture of my life.

Why do we fear resistance?  We know that resistance, mostly, is for our good at character building, but we are averse to it.  Professionally, I am facing stiff resistance.  New gyms have cropped up nearby and there is fear of losing my business.  Moreover, all these 11 years of operating Ironcult was smooth.  Perhaps, last year a few months my business slacked but overall it has been smooth sailing.  I, however, have to state that I don’t make hoards of money, but I am glad at where I am.

Now, since there is extreme competition it’s time I brace up myself and try to get better at what I do.  Perhaps, some soul searching helps me in improving myself.  You know that there is always scope for improvement.   I however cannot defame those gyms and talk ill of them.  It won’t fetch me anything other than pleasing my ego.   Nonetheless, I very well know what stands out and separates me from them—the passion I carry to train people and myself.  Nobody can take away that from me and I am not going to yield; rather, I shall be ready for the challenge and face the resistance.





Moreover, I have a message for you:  forget about resistance in life for a moment.  Imagine that you want to join a gym for whatever reason—fat loss, muscle gain, etc.  You have Googled and it says strength training triumphs.  Do you know that strength training (weight training) is also called resistance training?  It actually teaches you a great life lesson—to overcome resistance—the dumbbell, kettlebell, or the barbell.  Yes, each time you lift the resistance, the resistance wants to defeat you.  However, you don’t want to give up.  You fight the resistance, for you don’t want to yield.  What’s your next plan?  You try to get stronger for you want to defeat the resistance of the barbell.  What do you do to get stronger?   You chart a game plan to get stronger–you eat  more protein, frequent the gym more regularly, for that’s your battle field, sleep well for faster recovery, etc—and try to fight the resistance and become stronger.   Now, think about this holistically.  Life’s major part can be about overcoming resistance.  I believe, when resisted we need to come with a game plan to fight it but not succumb.

So fight the resistance head on.  Figure out a way to fight it and face it, and look up to what Heraclitus says.

PS:  Brace yourself for some changes and additions in the gym.  This is my way of fighting the resistance—to strengthen my defenses.

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