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Rest In Peace Dara Singh

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • July 16, 2012

I condole on the death of Dara Singh. However, unintentionally, I forgot to state the same in the blog. On the same note, one of my gym clients passed on a message saying that Dara Singh deserved a special mention from the Ironcult team. I couldn’t tell no–better late than never. This is what I have to say about Dara Singh.
I remember Dara singh from my early childhood, for he played the role of Hanuman in the epic, television serial, Ramayan. I had not read Ramayan at that time, but like all other children I had heard about the physical prowess of Hanuman. When I heard that Dara Singh was portraying Hanuman’s character I was impressed. I had heard from my uncle that Dara Singh was an immensely strong man, and so felt that he would justify the role.
What I saw was a gargantuan physique. However, I was not very impressed, for since my childhood a bodybuilder’s physique fascinated me more. Dara Singh as you know never looked like a bodybuilder. He was well known for his physical prowess. But my impression changed when my uncle stated his story. I vividly remember my uncle briefing about the great wresting match between Dara Singh and King Kong. Subsequently, Dara Singh had twirled King Kong and had thrown him out of the ring.
It is then I remembered what my uncle had stated about Dara Singh. However, I had to corroborate what my uncle stated. And, yes, it turned out to be a true story. Dara Singh had indeed defeated King Kong of Australia. I seek forgiveness to my late uncle doctor Ramakrishna for doubting his integrity.

For those who don’t know who is Dara Singh, here is a snippet.

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