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Rocky Story

Rocky movies have all inspired many of us and will continue to do so. These invigorating movies make us repeatedly to go back to them as they are a source of tremendous inspiration. Be it “Eye of the Tiger” song, or the theme song, or the background score when Rocky trains are all scintillating. The best part I personally adore is when Rocky Balboa in the 6th part trains for the match. Can you imagine that a man who is more than 60 years old training like a beast? I mean the speed and explosiveness he possesses is incredible. Moreover, since I believe in functional training I genuinely admire the way Rocky trains in his movies; that is, when Rocky tries to catch a chicken, or when he trains hardcore in Russia for brute strength where he drags a sledge, cuts a tree and performs repetitions on flag, an exercise which Bruce Lee was fond off. I would like to restate that Rocky’s training in the 6th part is breath taking; precisely, the way he performs single arm pushup on a ball, snatches a kettle bell, and last but not the least when he runs with his dog.

Talking about the video, please listen to the narration by Antony Robbins. The best part of the story is when Stallone has to sell his pooch for a few dollars as he was in dire straits and consequently getting back his dog for a whooping 15,000 dollars. I don’t want to talk more. Watch the video and enjoy the story. Stallone has really achieved a lot in life, and he should continue to do more, for we all have a lot to learn from him.

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  1. i have always wanted to be like Stallone ever since i saw Rambo 3 ,boy he was shredded in that movie .
    very recently it was in the news that he was on juice ,i was somewhat disappointed but then the man is 61 and our expectations are very high from “Rambo”

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