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Ross, My Idol

Here is a great video demonstration by Ross Enamait. As you by now know that I continue to idolize Ross, for his amazing physical capabilities. It might also surprise you to know that he doesn’t indulge and operate on any fancy, so called, state of the art equipment’s. I have been staunchly following his exercise routines for several years. Many of his workout routines look elementary, but he steadfastly strives to improve on whatever is available at his disposal.

Earlier, a few years back, he executed the abdomen roller without any variations; whereas, now he performs the same movement with a weighted vest on a decline board. Also, the triple clap pushup, one of the several highlights of his workout routines, is now executed with a weighted vest. I can continue to quote several other examples of his continued progression.

Moreover, if you can observe he has gained several pounds of muscle mass over the years. He, however, continues to be as athletic, easy-moving, and agile as before when he was relatively lean. I believe that prevails as the hallmark of this great man.

What is the take home message? Persistence! Period. Moreover, as Isaac Newton says, “If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” In other words, we don’t have to invent the wheel. All that we are supposed to do is follow the footsteps of the greats.

Watch the video.

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