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Rules and Habits Are Freedom

Wow! The title sounds like an oxymoron isn’t it? We speak about rules and habits and think that they are hardbound structures. According to the dictionary what is the definition of rule? “It is a prescribed guide for conduct and action.” In other words, we are constrained and compelled to act in a particular way.

However, in a book titled Fat Loss Happens On Monday which is written by Josh Hills with Dan John, they contradict the view of rules.

The excerpt

“When we have rules or habits in place, it takes away a struggle. The rules are the freedom.”

“And essentially, your diet, your plan means having some basic rules or habits in place. The rules are not to make you feel deprived in some way. It’s the exactly the opposite—these are your ticket to freedom. Once those habits are in place, everything else disappears. You don’t ever have to struggle about food again.”

We all have our own rules—I don’t tell a lie; I don’t steal. This is how society operates—rules make everything work. It’s not bad to have those rules. We don’t think, “Oh my God, I hate that we have to stop at stop signs. I just want to roll through the stop signs.” I ‘m happy we have a rule to stop at stop signs so I know what everyone else is doing. It’s the rules that make driving on our busy roads even possible.”

According to the authors when you abide the rules your lifestyle gets easier. Well, I agree with Dan and Josh, for since 16 years rules and habits have dictated my boundaries. Perhaps, I have found freedom there.

Nonetheless, there is one thing that has lingered on for a long time is the fear factor. I question myself whether I have lived all my life living in fear? My obedience to the rules and habits that I live by is perhaps compelled by fear.

I, however, find some solace in the words of Mike Mahler in the book titled Live Life Aggressively. He says that there is nothing wrong with feeling fear. Fear brings a sharpness that can be used to your advantage—if you follow it through with worthy action.

It all sounds an oxymoron, I believe.

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