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Save your Health Save your Planet

Listen to this nonagenarian, who is 93 years young. He speaks about the US lifestyle, but we should know that Indians are not far from that predicament. Imitating the US lifestyle has turned to be trendy. For example, visiting fast food joints now is fashionable and seeking early retirement plans, as this wise man says, is what everybody wants. You should, however, note that early retirement plans is a sure way of corrupting a healthy lifestyle.

You may not watch this clip, for it is almost a 16 minute long video. If you do that you will miss some valuable lessons. So neglect at your peril. Let me say, anyway, that he is supremely good at motivating people and stating the facts upfront.

As he blurts, “Save your health and save humanity.”

PS: Thanks to Ross for posting this video in his blog.

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