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I know that you would ask me why the coach is posting this video in the blog, which is now way related to fitness.  But I want to state that this video speaks loud about the self belief we need to possess.   Do look at the man in the video.  Could you ever think that this man could possibly give a grand scale performance on stage?  But the belief in him did that.

We all need self belief for various reasons.   For example, I need belief to succeed in my endeavor, which is to be the best in my business and that is coaching.  In addition, since writing off late is my passion I would also like to learn the nuance of the language and write to the best of my ability.  Likewise, you may have several other endeavors to succeed, but from a fitness perspective you may find yourself needing to succeed in the below stated elements.

You may want to lose weight/fat.

You may want to gain some strength and muscle.

You may want to be regular to the gym.

You may want to be fit and healthy.

To achieve the above, you need the belief in you to succeed.  More importantly, you will need to prioritize fitness as your primary goal, for then slowly all things will fall into places.   You need to organize things in a way which would place fitness as your top priority.

I hope this blog entry would remove your Monday blues if you have any.  And don’t forget to watch the video:


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