Seven Tenets

I quote Steve Atlas, www.atlasmovement, while he speaks about the seven tenets of resistance training.


“Seven things we don’t like to hear but we need to…

  1. It’s going to take longer to get where you want regardless of how much you want something.
    It’s going to be more difficult than you thought it would be.
    3. The foods you like the most are the foods that are keeping you fat.
    4. The 3 days a week isn’t going to cut it. Move and eat clean each day that you’re alive!
    5. You’re going to fail, so be ready for it. It is a necessary part of the process working to succeed.
    6. Although it’s never intentional Injuries, and setbacks are part of the training.
    7. Don’t put the blame on others when you are the person making the decisions.”


Well, I believe a few years of learning any physical discipline such as lifting weights, calisthenics, gymnastics, or yoga would squeeze you to believe these facts.  However, I don’t think a beginner would understand the gravity of these principles.

In other words, the serious pupil pursuing his dream, of perfecting a skill, for instance, would have stumbled upon these various complex situations.        For example, consider the third point which speaks about your favorite food keeping you fat.  So true!  I personally love eating sweets.  I still have tendency and indulge in eating a piece of sweet or an ice cream now and then, as I have a sweet tooth. Nonetheless, I very well know that sweets don’t help me in pursuing my dream—maintaining the leanness—I dread getting fat.  Although I possess a sweet tooth I resist eating sweets majority of the times.

Likewise, who would not agree with the sixth precept?  We all know that injuries are part and parcel of the journey.  You will get injured no matter how careful you are.  So, you need to be prepared for these setbacks, which can be extremely frustrating.

Last but not the least; don’t assume that since somebody is training from a longtime learning a new skill or looking shredded is a cake walk for him or her.  On the flipside, he has to train day in day out for several days, months, or years to learn the new skill and continue to eat clean every day to look ripped.  As I reiterated, all the above assumptions still hold true for each and every one.



Steve Atlas from and also my online coach.


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