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Shoulder Rehabilitation.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 30, 2010

I have found the stretch bands for the shoulders to be of great benefit.  I have had several injuries to my shoulders.  My left shoulder still hurts.  It is frustrating because right now I am practicing the Olympic lifts, and I may have to quit practicing for a while till my shoulder heals.  The permanent dent caused to my shoulders was  during my initial years of lifting when I was into exclusive bodybuilding style of training which involved more of machines than free weights.

On a positive note, I have found great solace using the bands.  It increases the mobility of the shoulders to a great extent.  You can move the shoulders in a all possible directions with the band.   The resistance of the band can also be increased by folding it into two or holding two bands together.  Initially, as a preliminary warm up a single band would suffice and at later stages of the warm-up adding up the resistance would be of benefit. Spending 10 or 15 minutes with the band prior to the workout reduces the joint friction in the shoulders. By increasing the mobility, it reduces the stiffness in the shoulder joint.  Typically, among shoulder injuries after the injury heals, the traces of the injury may be left which shows up in the form of  stiff shoulders.

The shoulder joint is a tenuous and fragile joint,  for some are predisposed to injuries no matter how safe they train.  Some are anatomically predisposed to have shoulder problems.  Due to its extremely wide range of mobility, the shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body.  It has an unusual bone structure and large number of muscle attachment, for physicians find it  extremely daunting to treat the ailment.  The above stated reasons do indicate that shoulder injuries can be extremely difficult to deal with, for any one particular exercise or drill like the stretch band drills may or may not help the individual.

I am referring to the stretch bands to have benefited me.  It may be of no benefit to you.  I am merely stating my findings, for it should not be treated as a recommendation.

PS:  Working out more on machines than free weights causes pattern overload, which is caused by restricted freedom of motion.

2 thoughts on “Shoulder Rehabilitation.

  1. My dear Vishwa,

    As usual, your blogs are not only informative but also make intersting reading. The language flow is very lucid and this makes your blogs very absorbingly readable. I make it a point to go through every one of your blogs and try to follow whatever I can, in my current gym. Yes, free weights give more balance to the body as opposed to machine weights.

    My family joins me in whishing your family and also members of Iron Cult a happy and prosperous 2011. May God be with you in all your ventures.

    Dr.Balaji Rao

  2. Sir, I wish you the same. Thanks for the appreciation. Encouraging words from a man of your stature means a lot to me. It really helps me to keep going. Thanks again, Sir.

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