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“Showing Off Is The Fools Idea Of Glory.”

Wearing less clothing and working out can  be a bad idea during winter when the weather is cold.  Bodybuilders around the world are notoriously known to remove their clothing once they feel they are warmed up.  This may work against you to be at your best.

When you are cold the firing potential is low.  You want to raise your body temperature to increase neuro-muscular firing potential.  Ian King, a strength coach who has trained  world’s top athletes, says  “Your ability to recruit muscle fiber is influenced by your body temperature.  This is one of the reasons that ability to express strength and the optimal time to train strength is influenced by the time of the day – early in the morning, your body temperature is low and your ability to fire the muscle is low.”  I substantiate the above observation by Ian King, for I have always relatively lifted more weights in the evening than in the morning.

If you consider the advantage of neural drive to be paramount in heavy lifting, thereupon warm clothing is ideal.  You do not want to lift weights when you are cold. If you allow your body temperature to lower too much during your workouts, it effects your arousal level, and your ability   to recruit muscles.  So,  don’t be a fool and flaunt muscles when you are lifting weights.

Bruce Lee had rightly said, “Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.”  I hope you are smart enough to be not called a fool.

2 thoughts on ““Showing Off Is The Fools Idea Of Glory.”

  1. My dear Vishwa,
    You seem to have an uncanny clairvoyance! This evening at the current gym when I was wokring out, I saw some youngsters wearing sleeveless banians and working out, showing off their assets. Somehow, I felt a little strange since the gym is airconditioned and warmer clothes would have suited the workout they were indulging in. However dececny prevailed upon me and I refrained from mentioning this t o anyone, including my instructor. After I finished the workout and was leaving, these individuals left the gym in the same attire and I began to wonder whether they would not be contacting a virus or two. These are strictly my views and I don’t know if you appreciate them.

    with regards,

    Dr.balaji Rao

  2. Exactly Sir. They should ofcourse be wearing warm clothing. I believe you would have seen me while I am working out I wear a sweater. I believe you should not suggest them anything. Most of them will be snobs, for we need to be careful with these guys.

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